Jamaica Association for the Deaf successfully negotiated with the Ministry of Education to give salary support to Deaf adults working in Deaf schools and attending the Fast Track Program.  The University of West Indies in Jamaica is establishing a Jamaican Sign Language interpreter minor program so interpreters can receive the training necessary to become professionals.


In 2003 GDC started collaboration with JAD and sent the first group of Global Ambassadors to Jamaica.  GDC’s ambassadors worked at JAD and St. Christopher’s School in Brown’s Town, enriching JAD’s exciting Deaf education program.  They promoted higher education for Deaf young people.


USAID’s Global Development Alliance has given support for initiating the Fast Track college-prepatory program.  30 Deaf adults will participate in this intensive two year tutoring program to prepare to take the college entrance exams in 2008.


Those who pass the exams will enroll in a four year teacher training college in Jamaica.  GDC will provide scholarships and Jamaican Sign Language interpreters.  Imagine each of Jamaica’s 13 deaf schools with at least one Deaf Jamaican teacher.  Nearly 2,000 students taught by Deaf teachers resulting in improved academic performance for Deaf students, and nearly 4,000 parents and guardians of Deaf Children considering a broader future for their Deaf children.